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Season Procedures

Coach ID Cards 

We cannot stress enough the importance of having your coach ID card with you at all games and practices.  It is necessary to wear your coach ID around your neck at any time you are coaching.  You will NOT be able to coach a game without the card being around your neck.  Referees WILL check - both home and other cities. Once your roster is generated, you can access them in your team account.  Click here to print coaches' IDs.


Player ID Cards

Player ID Cards are required for all players. There are NO exceptions to this - home games or away games -the first game or the last game - if you do not have player cards, you DO NOT play.  Player ID cards can be shown to the referees either virtual or a hard copy. The game will be recorded as a forfeit for your team and will not be rescheduled. Click here to get virtual IDs


Parents need to upload a headshot picture of their player onto their GotSport account no later than a week before the first game of the season.  They do this by logging into the player's account and selecting the button to upload a picture. The registrar will generate the IDs before the first games.  You have two options for bringing player IDs to games.

  • A printed version is available in your team account. Click on the link for the current season.   Click on the documents tab and find the Player ID cards document.  Print this document and bring it with you to all games. Click this to get instructions on how to check your team account and print players' IDs.  

  • You may use the electronic version by logging into your team account through an electronic device.  The referee will use your phone to check in your players through the virtual ID.   Also, be prepared with a backup plan in case there are internet issues.  We strongly recommend you screenshot the cards so, they are saved on your phone. 


If you have questions about this, please call your age group coordinator prior to your first game of the season.


Late Players to the game

If a player arrives after the game begins, they will not be allowed on the field until the referee has checked their player ID.  Referees will not take their attention away from the game to check cards for late players so that players will not be able to play until an extended pause in play, such as for an injury or halftime.


Game/Match Sheets

Game sheets are available in your team account for the U7-U19 age group.  Be sure to check game cards (sheets) to ensure all your players have their jersey numbers next to their names.  When you view your schedule, click on the game number, which will open a new screen with your game sheet.  Game sheets MUST be printed and brought to each game.  Click here to see how to print game cards (sheets).


Do not print all your game sheets at one time. It's best to print your game sheets 48 hours before the game.  Sometimes, the roster changes due to red cards, new players, etc.  All games and reschedules are done by the BSW scheduler.  Therefore,  we have no control over times and days. 


At the end of the game, the referee will ask both coaches to sign the game sheets.  The away team's game sheet will be returned to them.  The home team's game sheet will be taken by the referee and turned in to the association.  Home team coaches are encouraged to take a picture of the game sheet to aid them in reporting the score.

Reporting Scores

Referees or referee assignors will enter the game score into GotSport at the end of each game.  


Traveling Teams

Teams U7 and above will play in the Best Southwest Interplay League (BSW).  4U-6U will play at Grimes Park for all games.



While we do our best to avoid it, changes to game schedules will happen.  Coaches are responsible for monitoring their teams’ schedules often to identify any game changes.  Coaches are asked at the beginning of the season to identify two dates that they are unable to play games.  We make every effort to schedule around those exceptions.  Once the schedule has been issued, coaches may only ask for reschedules.  All games and reschedules are done by the BSW scheduler.  Therefore,  we have no control over times and days.  Games may be scheduled for Saturdays, weeknights, and Sundays after 1 pm.  Reschedules may be granted only for the following reasons:

  • the event of a verifiable school function that affects a majority of your players

  • a conflict with another DSA soccer team you coach

  • your team has registered for an NTTSA  tournament.  

  • death in a coach's immediate family

Requests for schedule changes outside those reasons will be denied.  Click on the resource tab to get the form. 

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