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Registration is Open

The fall soccer season will begin in September and the spring season in March. The season may consist of 10 games played on weekends and some weekday nights.  A third-party administrator schedules all games for 7U-19U. We have no control over the dates or times of the schedule. 4U thru 6U games are scheduled by DeSoto Soccer Association. 

Player Fees

4U - 8U Registration Fee is $90

9U - 18U Registration Fee is $100

Registration pays US Youth Soccer, North Texas Youth Soccer, Best Southwest League, and the season. The season cost consists of referee fees, insurance, background checks, awards, equipment, advertisements, website, and administrative fees. Your coach will work with the team to purchase uniforms.  The following items are needed to play soccer,  soccer cleats, shin guards, and a ball.

We use North Texas State Soccer age chart to determine a player's age group, please click this.


Payment Plan Option

The payment plan will be available in the fall season starting in June and the spring season starting in December.  If you register in June or December, you will have the option of paying 50% of the registration fees at that time and the remaining balance before the start of the season. The final payment will be automatically charged to your credit card before the start of the season.

Login Information for Returning Players

Players returning from last season will receive an e-mail from DSA to remind them to register.  


Login Information for New Players

Players who have not played will be prompted to set up an account before registering. Keep in mind the email you use for this account will receive all of our news, updates, and other correspondence. We prefer this email address to belong to the parent and not the player, so we know that you are receiving our communications. 

Login Information For Multiple Players 

Families with multiple players will use the same account.  

Forming Teams/Special Request

Teams are based on a child's birth year. The DeSoto Soccer Association registrar and age group coordinator will identify the number of players, teams, and coaches needed for the season. All request are taken into consideration but is not guaranteed. Placement is based on availability. Make your request during registration. Be sure to select the option that pertains to your player and/or leave a request in the special request section. 

  • New players are placed on an unassigned/draft player pool for team placement. Players, who did not play with DSA the season prior are considered new players for team formation purposes. 

  • Returning players have priority to return to the team they played on the previous season. Returning players' spots are saved until the seeding meeting. Once late fees start, their spot will be filled. A returning player, that wishes to be placed on a new team must request this at registration. If a player skipped a season and wishes to return to their original team; may do so only if space is available. Returning players must register on time.

  • Non-DeSoto resident players are required to fill out a player release form to play with DeSoto Soccer Association and live within the boundaries of another city (your home soccer association). The Release Form is located in the player form section. Please return the completed form by following the Document Uploading registration instructions or emailing a scanned copy to

  • Special Requests consist of requesting a team, a new team, a friend/sibling, or carpooling. Parents may also request their child to play up to one age level.  Players may not play up to more than one age level. For example, a 7U player may play up on an 8U team, but not on a 9U team.  An 8U player may play up on a 9U team if an age-pure division cannot be made. Players cannot play down an age group unless they have a documented mental or physical disability and have received approval from NTX.  To be compliant with recruiting rules and policies, we will not accept requests from teams or coaches.  If you do not request at the time of registration, we may be unable to accommodate you.  Special requests can be made by filling in the special request section during the registration process.  Special Requests are NOT guaranteed.  Our ability to honor requests is based on North Texas Soccer rules, DSA draft practices, and the number of teams/players registering each season.

The DeSoto Soccer Association registrar and age group coordinator will identify how many teams are formed and new coaches.  Age Group Coordinators will contact parents of newly formed teams to solicit volunteers to coach.  As with other recreational sports volunteers, typically parents, coach DSA Soccer.  DSA DOES NOT have a pool of coaches wanting to coach.  If you would like to become a coach, assistant coach, or team parent, please check one or more boxes on the registration form. 

Age Verification/Birth Certificate 

All players are required to provide proof of their birth date (birth certificate/passport)  by uploading their player(s) birth certificate or passport on GotSport. Once the birth certificate or passport is verified,  you will not need to provide it again. Click here to get instructions on how to upload a birth certificate or passport.

Competitive Home Association

For teams wanting to register as a USYS competitive team through DeSoto Soccer, a North Texas Soccer State Association affiliate.  Registration opens July 1st and must be completed by the coach or manager, through the online registration link.  

Click each item to get the forms. 

Team Registration with DSA

Team Club Fact Sheet Online

NTX Club Fact Sheet

Registration Form - English

Registration Form - Spanish

Registration fees:

$40 per player

$5 per coach

$5 per manager

Player ID Card

Player ID cards are required for all players for all games except for U4-U6 players.  Parents are responsible for uploading a head-shot of their player(s) to their GotSport account; no later than a week before the first game of the season.  Coaches are responsible for showing ID cards electronically or a hard copy to every game.  Click here to get instructions on how to upload a player's photo.


Refund requests must be made in writing by emailing  All monies will be refunded to the card used for payment. Refund will be issued approximately 2 weeks after the season begins regardless of when the request was made. Late fees and/or administrative fees are non-refundable regardless of the type of request made.​ ALL REFUNDS must be submitted through email to received a refund. 

  • Refund requests must be made in writing by emailing  All monies will be refunded to the card used for payment. Refund will be issued approximately 2 weeks after the season begins regardless of when the request was made. Late fees and/or admirative fees are non-refundable regardless of the type of request made.​

  • A refund will be given if the association cannot provide a league to play in or if there are not enough players to fill a team.  


  • If you did not pay a late registration fee and used the payment plan: half the registration fee and then minus $15 administrative fee. 

  • If you did not pay a late registration fee: half the registration fee and then minus $10 administrative fee.   

  • If you paid a late registration fee and use the payment plan: half the registration fee, minus late fees, and then minus $15 administrative fee.

  • If you paid a late registration fee: half the registration fee, minus late fees, and then minus $10 administrative fee. 

  • Request submitted after the player is placed on a team will not be honored. 

  • Requests submitted on or after the date games have begun will not be honored.

  • No Refunds on any registration sales, regardless the reason.

  • No refunds for “academy only” players. 

Photo Release 

Players who played for DeSoto Soccer Association are occasionally asked to be part of the soccer publicity, publications, media interviews, videos, websites, and public relations activities for promotions DeSoto Soccer Association deems positive in nature. For example --the publication of a picture of a team winning an award on our Facebook or website page. Please indicate whether or not DeSoto Soccer Association may use your child's name, picture, artwork, written work, statements, and video footage during registration. 

Game Day

All parents/guardians are required to sign the Parent Code of Conduct form before the beginning of each season.   Field locations are posted on our website prior to the start of each season. Please check this prior to your game. Your tardiness/ absence could cause your team to forfeit.


If you are listed as the "Home" team, you are required to wear alternate jerseys/pinnies if there is a color conflict; if your team is unable to provide this they will forfeit. Each team has the responsibility for keeping trash picked up on their sideline.

Parent/Spectator Code of Conduct

We have a responsibility to promote high standards of behavior and ensure soccer can be enjoyed in a safe, positive environment. Remember, youth soccer is a time for players to develop their technical, physical, tactical, and social skills. Winning isn’t everything. Play your part and help enforce the Code of Conduct for Spectators and Parents/Guardians at all times. AT NO TIME will spectators be allowed to be behind the goal lines of any ongoing games.


Spectators should remain on their appropriate sideline for the duration of each game and are only permitted onto the field at the referee's discretion.

Respect the Referees

Many of the referees are local youth; please treat them as you would want others to treat your children. The adult referees are there for your player as well. Do not expect to have a perfect game called.  If you have a concern/ issue that needs to be addressed, please email the referee assignor at Please respect and support our referees. Without referees, soccer games cannot be played.

Referees, spectators, and coaches will follow the Ask, Tell, Dismiss procedures. 

Ask: Referee or board member will ask the coach to quiet down the parents or themselves. 


Tell: Referee or board member will tell the coach to quiet down the parents or themselves. 


Dismiss: Referee or board member will dismiss the coach. Therefore the game will end. If there is not an assistant coach. 


Cheering is always allowed. If you feel your player is going to get hurt on the field you have the right to remove your player and tell the coach or a board member or email us. 

If a match is abandoned; by a referee due to problems with a coach, spectators, or players, the match will be counted as a forfeit for that team and a win for the opposing team no matter when the game was abandoned or what the score of the match was at the time. DSA WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY UNSPORTSMANLIKE BEHAVIOR TOWARD OUR REFEREES, LEAGUE OFFICIALS, COACHES, OR PLAYERS.ALL REPORTS OF ABUSE CAN RESULT IN SUSPENSION.

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