Players Q&A

What size ball should my player be using?

U4-U8: Size 3 ball

U9-U12: Size 4 ball

U13-U18: Size 5 ball


Any brand or color is fine.

What uniform items do I need to buy?

Your coach will determine the uniform you will wear and will facilitate ordering uniforms. 


ALL Players: Shin guards are required for all practices and games. They can be any brand and color as they are worn under the socks. Cleats are optional but cannot have a toe cleat (like football cleats). They can be any brand and color. 

When/where are Practices and Games?

Practice days and times are determine by the coach.  All practices may be held at Grimes Park or Townsend Park.


U4 - U6: All games will be played at the Grimes Park.

U7 and Older: You will have a minimum of five home games at the Grimes Park and up to five away games in one of our Best Southwest affiliate cities.

All games and reschedules are done by BSW scheduler.  Therefore,  we have no control on times and days.  Games may be schedule for Saturdays, weeknights and Sundays after 1pm. 

May my player wear earrings or other metals?

No, jewelry of any kind, including earrings (even if covered with a band-aid or tape), are not permitted while playing soccer per the rules of North Texas State Soccer Association. Jewelry can cause injury to the player and/or other players during the match. This includes metal items in the hair.  Such as hair barrettes and beads. 

The only exception to this rule is medical alert items. These items must be completely tape to the player's body - no portion of the item can show thru except for the medical alert symbol.

Additionally, all braces with metal or hard pieces (including casts) must be covered to the referee's approval for safety of all other players.

Do we play in the rain/snow?

The short answer is yes.

Ultimately the City of DeSoto decides if the fields will be open for play in DeSoto. You may call the rain outline, check their website, or facebook page for the city you will be playing in before you leave for your game.  The referee will watch for lightning/severe weather while on site and will either delay the game or cancel.

How want to make a request when registering my player, how do I do that?

Special requests can be made during registration by filling in the notes section.  Special Requests are NOT guaranteed.  Our ability to honor requests is based on North Texas Soccer rules, DSA draft practices, and the number of teams/players registering each season.

We will always honor a request to not return to a team. 

I don't like a situation that I saw on a game/practice field, what should I do?

Please contact us immediately by reaching out to your age group coordinator and email