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DSA is committed to player safety. All of our head coaches must undergo the CDC recommended Head's Up Concussion Course and all of our referee's must follow the USSF concussion protocol for head injuries during games. We also require that all players wear shin guards during all practices and games.

However; soccer is a contact sport and as such we have implemented procedures, created partnerships and secured insurance for all players.

Should a head injury occur during a game, the protocol enforced by USSF states that if a referee feels that the injury was sufficient and could possibly be a concussion, the player will be remove from the game and will not be allow to return until they have been cleared by a doctor or certified athletic trainer. Though you may feel as though your player is okay, please do not take a head injury lightly - a concussion is a severe injury that requires immediate medical attention.

In the event of an injury during practices or games, we suggest that you call the 24/7 concierge services of Baylor Scott & White which is a free service to you. They will help get you into see a doctor quickly, or if the player needs to go to the emergency room, they will call ahead for you to expedite your services.

Once your player has been seen by a physician, you can start to complete the paperwork in order to submit a claim to the insurance company which has been provided to you by North Texas State Soccer Association. This insurance will apply as secondary coverage for all players who currently have individual insurance and will be the primary coverage for players without insurance. Use the link below to access these forms.

Please be sure to notify your coach AND your age group coordinator should an injury occur.

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