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When can I practice?
When the field coordinator notify you by text or email.  You will only p
ractice on the days, times and spot given by the coordinators.

May I practice longer than an hour on the field assigned?
No, every team has an hour to practice on the spot they are assigned.  If the next team, does not show up, you may practice longer.

How can I get extra time to practice?
You may move to an empty spot at Grimes Park or Townsend to practice. You may also, practice on Friday without a request. Fridays are open without a request until, too many teams want the same field and time.

Where do I practice when there’s a game on my field?
You may practice on any open space.

Do I have to wear my coach’s ID to practice and games?
Yes, every coach must wear their coach ID every time they are on the soccer fields. 

May I change my practice days and times?
No, unless you contact a field coordinator.

Who do I notified if there is a problem with my fields?

Field Coordinators 

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