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Laws of the Game

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) establishes and publishes the official "Laws of the Game."  These laws cover the game from youth all the way to adults.  You can find the most current Laws of the Game 


  • League’s standings will not be recorded for 4U -8U divisions.  Players in these divisions will receive participation awards.

  • Referees are USSF registered.  All infractions will be briefly explained to players and to the coaches, if necessary.

  • Explanation of infractions to coaches shall not interrupt the flow or spirit of the game.

  • Players, parents, coaches, and spectators should shake hands after each game. 

  • Coaches, non-player team members, and parents/spectators should be located not less than one yard from the touchline and refrain from getting any closer to the goal line.  No one can run the length of the field except the participants in the game.

Click here below to get the modified playing rules.

Effective Practices

There are a lot of places to go on the web for game and coaching tips.  Here are some of our favorites!





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