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How do I become a referee?

There are three options for someone to get started in refereeing.


Option #1 – Grade 9 Referee – minimum age 13. This level of a referee will work games that are Under 4-8. Small-sided games of 4v4. These games have only one referee. This is the perfect place for the 12-year-old and some 13/14 year-olds to start with refereeing. The Grade 9 Referee clinic is online and in-person.


Option #2 – Grade 8 Referee – minimum age 13. This level of a referee can work up to Under-16 games as either a referee or an assistant referee. The age level of game one will work will depend on the referee's age. The Grade 8 Entry-level clinic includes an online session that is critical to their success as new referees.  The clinic is online and in-person.

Option 3 – GR7 Entry Level Referee – minimum age 17

This option is for players and coaches (current or former) and returning referees. This clinic will have a combination of online learning, classroom learning, and a field session. This clinic will be offered a few times a year. This clinic is designed for those who play or did play, 17-Under and up, college soccer, or coaches who coach at the upper age level. Do not sign up for this clinic if you don’t meet the stated criteria but rather chose the GR8 clinic. Clinic length – nine hours. When you complete this clinic you will be registered at a GR7 Referee – this badge allows you to work youth and adult soccer games.


Where do I register?


How much does it cost? 


Is there a test to pass?

Yes. Passing requirements for all grades. Must attend complete all modules and attend a referee class. 

75% or above - Passing

70-74% - Can retake the test in 2 weeks at another testing session for the same grade clinic.

Below 70% - Can retake clinic at no cost, must bring class schedule.

I got my badge – now what, how do I get games?

Contact the referee assignor in your city.  A complete list of all 103 local associations can be found at  Click on ASSOCIATION – click on youth (GR8 & GR9 Referees) or adult (GR7s)

Navigate their website and find their Referee Assignor/Referee Director’s email information.

Send them an email, stating your name, that you just became a referee and you are eager to get started. (be sure to have your uniform).  Ask them what you need to do next in order to start receiving game assignments.

If they don’t respond, resend your email. Many of our assignors are swamped and sometimes an email could get overlooked.  If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Sexton or call the North Texas Soccer office at 214-297-5022.

How often do I have to re-certify?
All referees must certify every year. The year indicated on your badge is the year for which you are eligible to referee. North Texas Soccer recommends re-certifying before the year ends to allow for time to receive your badge and avoid last-minute registrations.

How do I re-certify?

Log in to North Texas Soccer Referee.  Then click the grade you are rectifying in. You will complete the referee Risk Management and USSF Registration while paying your fees online with a credit card. Pass the online re-certification test with a score of 85% or higher. You may take the test until you pass it. Contact for assistance with log-in or more information about re-certifying.

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